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What is an Intervention for Substance Abuse?

Intervention is a professionally guided gathering of friends and family members of a person in Oakland, CA struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. Interventions are usually led by an interventionist, but if one is unavailable, a friend or family member of the substance abuser can moderate the intervention.

Substance abusers and addicts may be in denial of their abuse and unwilling to enter a rehab facility. They also might not recognize the negative effect their addiction has on their family members, loved ones, and themselves. Intervention brings these issues to the forefront for the addict and enables them to make the connection between their substance abuse and the adverse issues in their lives. The goal of the intervention is to persuade the substance abuser into seeking professional help for their addiction.

How To Stage an Intervention?

As the majority of time in an intervention will be spent on education and information for the participants, it is advisable to have a rehearsal for the intervention. In the intervention, the interventionist will walk the participants through the meeting. The participants will practice their questions in the rehearsal.

The best location for the intervention is a conference room or office setting. Holding the intervention in the home of the substance abuser may not be the best route, as it could bring back negative memories from the past.

If an interventionist isn’t available, try consulting an addiction professional, such as a social worker, psychologist, addiction counselor, or psychiatrist to help you plan and stage the intervention. These specialists will be able to factor in all the conditions surrounding the substance abuser’s drug or alcohol use. They can also provide counseling on the type of treatment that they substance abuser may need. According to the National Council On Alcohol and Drug Dependence (NCADD), 90% of substance abusers will seek professional help if their intervention is facilitated by an interventionist or an addiction professional.

Another consideration is building the right team for your intervention. The participants should all be close to the substance abuser– people the substance abuser looks up to. Their opinions and perspective will be more valuable to the substance abuser in Oakland, CA and will have a more profound impact on them.

When Should an Intervention Be Staged?

“There is no better time than the present!” This applies to an intervention as waiting too long could have detrimental consequences for the substance abuser and for those around them in Oakland, CA. If family or friends are concerned about a backlash from the substance abuser, assure them that the intervention will be professional, and it will come from a caring and compassionate place from their loved ones.

Intervention is one of the greatest weapons loved ones and friends of addicts have to combat their substance abuse. The loved ones of an addict in Okaland, CA are often the victims of their substance abuse, and they can feel powerless in helping the abuser get treatment.

If you would like more information on staging an intervention, give us a call. Our trained experts are able to talk with you 24 hours a day. They can answer your questions, and help you get the help your loved ones need.

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